hugo-cabret-01.jpgThe plot of the film

Read and complete the plot of the film with the following words.

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   children      cinema      clocks      contains      director      discovers      dog      dreams      effects      father      goddaughter      happens      mechanical      mechanism      meets      orphan      picture      repair      shop      special   
The story in 1930’s. Hugo is an boy who lives at the Parisian rail-station Gare Montparnasse. Hugo keeps the train station running because he learned to clocks from his father and uncle. But he has to hide from the vigilant Station Inspector and his .
Hugo has a man that connects him to his dead father. But this mechanical man doesn't work without a key. Hugo needs the key to discover the secret that it .
In the station, he Papa Georges, the shopkeeper of a toy . He also meets Isabelle, his . Hugo finds that they have a surprising connection to his and the mechanical man: Isabelle has the special key that starts his .
When the mechanical man starts drawing, it creates a of the film “Voyage to the Moon”. This was a film directed by Georges Méliès, a pioneer film .
Hugo that Papa Georges is George Méliès. He tells the many things about the origins of , the stories and the special . In this adventure the kids discover the magic of the movies and the value of .