Below you have a text with Hachi’s, Parker’s and Kate’s routines. Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form. They are all 3rd person singular subjects (HE/SHE/IT). How do you write 3rd person singular verbs in the present simple?
Every day Parker Wilson (have) breakfast and (read) his newspaper. When he (be) finished, he (kiss) his wife Kate and he (go) to the station with Hachi. On the way, Parker (say) hello to the book seller and the butcher. Then, he (buy) a coffe from the coffee vendor and (say) goodbye to him.
Parker (take) the train to work and then Hachi (go) back home.
Kate (give) Hachi some snacks, she (work) in her garden and (cook) lunch.
Parker (teach) at university until the afternoon. Then he (take) the train back home.
Ten minutes before the train (arrive) , Hachi (leave) home and (go) to the station. The street vendor (greet) Hachi and (wait) for Parker in front of the station.
When Parker (see) Hachi waiting for him, he (get) very happy. Parker (walk) home, (leave) his stuff there and then (take) Hachi for a walk in the forest.
This daily routine is repeated everyday and everyone (notice) it. It’s an excellent example of loyalty and love between a dog and his master.