In THE HUNGER GAMES you have to struggle to survive and become the winner. IF YOU DON'T FIGHT, YOU WILL DIE. This sentence is called a CONDITIONAL SENTENCE, that shows a CONDITION and its RESULT.
If you examine the sentence, the first part, the condition, is written in THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE, and the second part, the result, is written using the FUTURE WILL FORM.
Now it's your turn to complete the following sentences using the first conditional structure.
1. If you (become) a tribute, you (take part) in The Hunger Games.

2-If Primrose Everdeen (be) elected in the Reaping, her sister Katniss (volunteer) to save her.

3-If the audience (not like) you, you (not have) sponsors to help you.

4-If you (want) to win the Hunger Games, you (have) to kill all your opponents.

5-You (die) easily in the forest if you (not watch out) for danger.

6-If Katniss and Peeta (show) their love in the Games, people (support) t them.

7-If Katniss (rebel) againts the Capitol, a new revolution (begin) in Panem.