After the film activities

Write your opinion!
What are the advantages and disadvantages od using Facebook?
Social networks are a really good invention. Discuss


Create your web profile writing a section of personal info, a section of favourites and a section of personal interests.
Include an avatar and a personal voki
And most important: write a short description of yourself in 60 words.

A Connected world
Write a narration of a future world where everything is controlled by a Network. Make it positive or opressive, but make it interesting to read.

What's the funniest thing that you have discovered in Facebook? And the oddest?

Have you met a new friend on Fb? Have you met him or her in real life? What was the experience like?

Do you think Fb can be dangerous for teenagers? Why? Why not?

What's your parents opinion of Fb? Do they approve of you using it?

How many hours do you spend on fb daily? Are any of your friends addicted to it? What advice would you give a friend who spends 5 hours on fb?

Food for thought:
The creator of Fb "made" millions of friends online but lost his most important friend on the way. What is friendship made of?

What do you think of the recent closure of Megaupload by the FBI? Do you think that goverments should intervene in webs that host files such as films, music, series or videogames?

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